We understand the importance of: 

  • Providing qualified, quality staff to represent both our organisation, and that of our client.
  • Reliable communication and contact with 24-hour, 7 day a week contact and service.
  • The assurance of the large pool of staff available, with requirements always being meet.
  • Having a variety of skill-sets from general hands through to qualified tradesman.
  • Remaining competitive to ensure client budgets are met.
  • An ongoing commitment to exceed expectations.
  • A proven track record of on-time staff delivery.

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MOB CONTRACTING AUSTRALIA we provide quality services with skill and commitment.  In we have specialists to achieve the highest standards and expectations of clients and ourselves.

Our services include (without being limited to):

  • General Labour
  • Carpenter
  • Crane Operator
  • Painter
  • Tent / Structure Construction
  • Plumbers with tools
  • Electrician
  • Trade Assistant
  • Riggers / Scaffolders / Dog Men
  • Fork Drivers
  • Elevated Work Platform Drivers
  • Truck Drivers
  • Event Co-ordination, Production Management, Site Management and Tour Logistics

MOB CONTRACTING AUSTRALIA is a highly motivated and multi skilled team who strive to deliver service to meet the high expectations of their customers and also aim to form alliances which facilitate long, healthy and profitable relationships.

We have recruited the most experienced and multi-skilled professionals available to task a range of areas, including (without being limited to) skilled event personnel, riggers, forklift drivers, truck drivers, general hands, carpenters. MOB CONTRACTING AUSTRALIA is committed to providing professional services on a wide range of sites. The Company has developed a team approach ensuring a core of trained, qualified and committed crew.

Assurance to all our clients is our commitment to quality service and is clearly evidenced by our outstanding growth and reputation.

Being particular in the selection of our personnel is vital. We research their qualifications and recruit people with expertise for specific jobs across a variety of industries. Our training extends to Occupational Health and Safety, Fire Evacuation, Quality Assurance and other programs essential to success in today’s very competitive business environment. With a large quantity of work available to our personnel, they are kept up to date with the skills and knowledge and continue to have the attitude to perform in a manner that constantly meets the client needs and quality standards.

Clearly the company must remain cost effective in a very competitive market, but without allowing quality service to suffer.

Their time is your money… so we do everything in our power to select only those trades people and qualified personnel who enjoy the challenges and rewards for a job well done through contract labour hire.

We believe that MOB CONTRACTING AUSTRALIA will be of great value to you, whether you need a one-off employee or multiple employees, across single or multiple locations for the short or long term, we can manage it all.

When you need our services, the system would be simple as sending an email for works required

  • How many personnel
  • Role / Position
  • Date / Time
  • Location
  • Onsite Contact
  • Any Induction requirements
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