About Our MOB

MOB Contracting Australia was created with a view to becoming the leading personnel and equipment hire specialist across varied industries. 

Do you need machine operators? Contact our Mob. 

Do you need general labour? Our Mob has the people for you. 

Do you need to secure your site? Speak to our Mob. 

Do you need truck drivers? Our Mob can help. 

Do you need riggers? Our Mob has them. 

Mob Contracting can help your business today, tomorrow and into the future!

We have an experienced recruitment team that can help you to source the workers you need for your projects.

EST 2020

Kaya… come meet our Mob! 


We are proud to be a 100% Indigenous Owned and Managed Company!

 We understand the challenges companies have faced in the past few years in regards to acquiring skilled and general labour, but…

Mob Contracting Australia are here to service YOU! We have the people YOU NEED! We believe in providing real, sustainable workplace opportunities to anyone who presents themselves as an enthusiastic and hard-working individual. 

As such, our personnel are diverse in culture and experience but have one thing in common – they love what they do! Our personnel have the opportunity to work across a variety of industries and work toward varied goals as required by our clients. Mob Contracting Australia are proud to offer our people this work and are grateful for the trust our valued clients place in us and, ultimately – our people. 

We’d love you to give us a try and meet some of our Mob! 




Underpinning our mission are the values that are key to our success across multiple industries.

These ideas encapsulate and set the tone for how we deal with clients and employees.

Passion: To be committed in heart and mind so we can continue to enjoy the service we provide and the work we do.

Integrity: We understand and promote the importance of transparent and ethical business practices.

Safety: The safety of our employees is paramount. By implementing our integrated induction and training programs, we strive towards ensuring our people and clients remain safe on site.

Quality: We continue to maintain the high quality and reputation of our personnel through our comprehensive training programs and continued communication feedback processes.
Timeliness: We will work smart and with efficiency, remaining open to change and acting with urgency to our client’s request for personnel.

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